Floor Story Volume II

Our Floor Stories feature real people, in their actual homes, living everyday life, with practical, durable and beautiful rugs underfoot.

Leisure Collection Bay Land

Comfortable and fed is how our second Floor Story featured family wants you to feel when you visit their home. Spoken like a true Italian and Designer, Angela does not disappoint with her home-cooking and cozy decor.


Waterside Collection Dune Grey

Home is my ultimate happy place. I work from home, so I spend most of my time in this space. It needs to be equal parts comfortable and inspiring.

 Leisure Collection Bay Land

My favorite place in my home is our back den. It's the room we've remodeled the most, so all of our personalized touches are there.

Leisure Collection Bay Land

Everything in our home is very deliberate and geared towards happiness. It's who we are as a family, in the form of photos, memories and decor. But also, our home is very minimalist. I appreciate all the negative space around our treasures!

Waterside Collection Tide Morning Blue

Instinct inspires my home decor choices. Its all based on feeling. Our home is minimalist. Less to clean, and more love to give.