Floor Story Volume I

Our Floor Stories feature real people, in their actual homes, living everyday life, with practical, durable and beautiful rugs under


Signature Nomad Kazak Beige/Red

Our first "Floor Story" features third-generation family member, Caroline Mink Richardson and her young family sharing how they use Kenneth Mink rugs as inspiration to bring warmth, expression and style to their single-family, suburban home.


Taza Collection Heriz Beige

"I know that there are a lot of women out there like me that not only needed to see the elevated beauty a rug brings to a room, but also the functionality of how it pulls a room together and creates a soft space for little hands and feet to explore."

Taza Collection Lavar Dark Blue

"In the days when my grandfather, father, and uncles were sourcing and selling area rugs, only those households with expendable incomes could afford beautiful rugs. But it's completely different now. The advances in technology have made way for manufacturers to create rugs that look and feel handmade, with price-points that are reasonable for the average American family."

Signature Nomad Collection Kazak Navy/Beige

"With the exception of a couple inherited rugs I will always treasure, all of the rugs in my home are machine-made. My husband and I both work full-time and we have two babies, so for this stage of life, it's not practical or financially possible to spend thousands of dollars on home decor... but we still want gorgeous rugs!"

Alloy Collection Ivory

"In this photo shoot, the most expensive rug you will see is a 9x12, and costs around $800, and the average price on all of the rugs is about $600. That's a quarter of what rugs used to cost thirty years ago."

Taza Collection Lavar Dark Blue

"I'm proud that the rugs that cover the foundation of my home tell a rich story of risk-taking, community, artistry, and adventure. The story that I've shared with you is very personal to me, and it's my hope that you can find meaning and inspiration in a way that is personal to your home too!"


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